Q: What is Uproot?

A: Uproot is a network of and for environmental journalists of color. We have a growing national membership, composed of journalists from across national and regional media institutions. Uproot helps bring these diverse voices to the forefront of environmental journalism.

Q: When was Uproot founded?

A: Uproot was founded in 2019 by a group of environmental journalists seeking change in the industry and launched publicly in March 2021.

Q: Why was Uproot founded?

A: Uproot is dedicated to advancing the careers of journalists of color who’ve been historically underrepresented in environmental or science journalism, imbuing the field with critical and fresh perspectives. We were inspired by other projects, like the Ida B. Wells Society, that uplift underrepresented journalists.

You can read a bit more about our mission here, but the short of it: Environmental journalism has long upheld incomplete and white-dominated narratives about our planet. We want to change that and invite a generation of new voices to make the beat their own.

Q: What does Uproot provide for its membership?

A: Uproot connects our member journalists with publications, offers training, and builds community. Uproot is open to journalists of all races and backgrounds, but its goal is to support journalists of color in the fields of environmental and science reporting.

Q: What is Grist’s relationship to Uproot?

A: Uproot’s Board and leadership are composed of journalists from a range of outlets, spanning CNN to Grist to Time Magazine. Grist is a founding partner of Uproot, currently serving as an operational home for us. This includes offering financial support for steering committee members, our work, and production capacity for the events and training that Uproot hosts.

From the get-go, the idea was for Grist to support the group’s creation until we were ready to become independent. We aim to build capacity in order to become our own organization in the near future.

Q: How can interested journalists and prospective environmental writers of color learn more or join?

A: If you’re interested in becoming a member of The Uproot Project, fill out our member form. Filling this out will give you access to our Slack channel (look out for an invite in your inbox!) and also alert us to what you wish to see Uproot accomplish. This network is by journalists of color and for journalists of color. Your needs and feedback matter. Be sure to fill it out to connect with us and stay in the loop.