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  • Niba Audrey’s Field Notes

    Thursdays are my creative powerhouse – scripting, editing, and filming for Notes By Niba and hosting TikToks for SciShow. The day concludes with a casual dinner, an opportunity to unwind and connect with friends.

  • Siri Chilukuri’s Field Notes

    Once I've got my caffeine (black tea) and breakfast, it's off the races. This week, I'm tackling edits on an environmental justice story I'm working on about a neighborhood in a city in Texas.

  • Iris M. Crawford’s Field Notes

    Mondays tend to have a lot of meetings. An important one is attending the Senior Staff meeting to understand what all of the program offices and divisions -- Air and Radiation, Water, Superfund, and Emergency Management, among others -- are currently working on.

  • Kang-Chun Cheng’s Field Notes

    This week, I'll be going on a reporting trip in Turkana County, in northern Kenya. It's about the complex causes of insecurity in the region, a combination of resource scarcity, political manipulation, and longstanding disputes between ethnic groups...

  • Sofia Prado Huggins’s Field Notes

    This week was a good blend of work, rest, and fun -- plus an opportunity to practice self-care. By the end of the week, I felt like I'd nurtured lots of different parts of myself: the professional, the creative, the social, and the physical.

  • Drew Costley’s Field Notes

    This was an unusual week for me because I am on vacation between jobs. I also just moved to New Orleans in mid-July so I'm still settling in.

  • Erin X. Wong’s Field Notes

    This was a crazy week! And more eventful than most. Last month, I attended the UN plastics treaty talks at the UNESCO headquarters in central Paris.

  • Jamie Jiang’s Field Notes

    I spend today working with some tape I gathered last Friday and polishing a radio spot with my new editor. Last month, I was selected to work one-on-one with an editor through NPR’s California Newsroom. This is my second week with her.

  • Neel Dhanesha’s Field Notes

    I’m joining the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources for their workshop on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. We started in Boise after SEJ (where I attended the first Uproot National Convening) and headed east, spending Sunday night at a gorgeous guest ranch outside Salmon, Idaho.

  • Jena Brooker’s Field Notes

    I started my day knocking on the doors of homeowners who live directly across from a warehouse with heavy truck traffic for a feature story I’m working on with a reporter at another local media outlet, Outlier Media.