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  • Ezra David Romero’s Field Notes

    My Mondays normally start off with a look at my emails, planning for the week, and maybe writing a daily digital and radio story. I usually meet with my editor in the early afternoon to go over my plan for the week. Some Mondays, I have interviews in the field for stories I’m working on.

  • Luis Joel Méndez González’s Field Notes

    After a long day of back-to-back workshops, I went to a reception organized by Climate Central and Impact US at Strangelove´s. I wasn't going to attend because the temperature was near 50ºF, combined with heavy rains and strong winds. However, it was a unique experience, and I wanted to meet others.

  • Alex Ip’s Field Notes

    This week, my parents came from Hong Kong, where I was born and raised, to visit me and celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is both the first time they have visited the Boston area and the first time I have celebrated Lunar New Year with my family since I moved to the States in 2018.

  • Alexia Leclercq’s Field Notes

    Come with me to the UN annual conference on climate change in Dubai, where I’m working alongside youth from all over the world to track negotiations and push for an equitable fossil fuel phase-out.

  • Niba Audrey’s Field Notes

    Thursdays are my creative powerhouse – scripting, editing, and filming for Notes By Niba and hosting TikToks for SciShow. The day concludes with a casual dinner, an opportunity to unwind and connect with friends.

  • Siri Chilukuri’s Field Notes

    Once I've got my caffeine (black tea) and breakfast, it's off the races. This week, I'm tackling edits on an environmental justice story I'm working on about a neighborhood in a city in Texas.

  • Iris M. Crawford’s Field Notes

    Mondays tend to have a lot of meetings. An important one is attending the Senior Staff meeting to understand what all of the program offices and divisions -- Air and Radiation, Water, Superfund, and Emergency Management, among others -- are currently working on.

  • Kang-Chun Cheng’s Field Notes

    This week, I'll be going on a reporting trip in Turkana County, in northern Kenya. It's about the complex causes of insecurity in the region, a combination of resource scarcity, political manipulation, and longstanding disputes between ethnic groups...

  • Sofia Prado Huggins’s Field Notes

    This week was a good blend of work, rest, and fun -- plus an opportunity to practice self-care. By the end of the week, I felt like I'd nurtured lots of different parts of myself: the professional, the creative, the social, and the physical.

  • Drew Costley’s Field Notes

    This was an unusual week for me because I am on vacation between jobs. I also just moved to New Orleans in mid-July so I'm still settling in.