Niba Audrey’s Field Notes

Every week in the climate, science, social justice, and environmental spaces is as diverse as Uproot’s membership. Field Notes, our week-in-the-life blog posts, are snapshots of the varied experiences that make our community so vibrant. 

Field Correspondent

Name: Niba Audrey

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job description:  I’m a multimedia science communicator/video producer.

Years of experience: 4

Social media handles: @NotesByNiba

One word to describe your week: varied

A Week in the Life


Starting the week with Bikram yoga at 7 a.m. sets a rejuvenating tone. My mornings are dedicated to working at the Leakey Foundation, where we delve into fascinating research on human origins. Lunch is an extended break, a culinary investment into my next few meals. Afternoons are bustling with creativity as I film content for my social media channels @NotesByNiba, sharing the stories of botany and plant science. Evenings are reserved for social engagements; this Monday, we’re celebrating a friend’s birthday at the vibrant Foreign Cinema.

Birthday dinner for a friend at Foreign Cinema!


Energized by an 8:30 a.m. dance class, I spend a focused day at the Leakey Foundation office. It’s a day of immersive work, deep into the nuances of our research communications. The evening shifts to leisure with either board games or unique experiences, like tonight’s Japanese pickling class, enriching both palate and spirit.

Learning Japanese pickling techniques at Preserved Goods with my grad school bestie.


A 7 a.m. Bikram yoga session begins the day with warmth and vitality. The morning is full with meaningful work at the Leakey Foundation. By afternoon, the week’s pace calls for some restful reading or a rejuvenating nap. The evening is a burst of energy and rhythm, as I join friends in a dance class, prepping for a vibrant nightclub performance set to Jung Kook’s ‘Standing Next To You’.


The day kickstarts with an invigorating 8:30 a.m. dance class. Thursdays are my creative powerhouse – scripting, editing, and filming for Notes By Niba and hosting TikToks for SciShow. The day concludes with a casual dinner, an opportunity to unwind and connect with friends.

Another content day, this time for SciShow!


Another 7 a.m. hot yoga session aligns my focus. The day is lighter — catching up with friends in the morning, followed by an afternoon at the Ruby, a women and nonbinary artist community space here in San Francisco. My Friday evenings are usually lively and diverse, spent at improv shows, museums, or community dinners, embracing the city’s vibrant culture.

Dumpling making class

Saturday and Sunday:

Weekends are a blend of energy and relaxation. Dance classes, often Zumba, infuse joy and movement. These days are interspersed with naps alongside my three cats and creative outings with friends, exploring museums, theatres, or dance performances – a perfect balance of rest, creativity, and connection.

From the Wild:

What do you never leave home without?

My chapstick. Seriously, it’s like I have a dependent relationship going on. I’ve used it so much that I wonder if my lips have gotten so used to it, they can’t stay hydrated on their own anymore.

What would your animal companion be if you were a cartoon character?

I’d love the cat demon from the anime “Inuyasha,” Kirara. She is a small, two-tailed demon with the charming and loyal traits of a cat but with an extraordinary ability to transform. In its regular form, it would be a cute, compact size, perfect for companionship and getting into small spaces. However, when the situation demands, it would morph into a larger, more formidable version, capable of assisting in battles or providing swift transportation.

Three most-used emojis?

✨ (so versatile!) 🔅(I love texting my best friends good morning) 🥲 (it’s a smidge better than just the straight-up crying emoji)

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